10 more reasons to visit Funchal

To visit Mercado dos Lavradores in order to taste some passion fruit and buy flowers from these beautiful ladies: 2. To taste Madeira’s special bread: bolo do caco: 3. To visit Funchal’s Cathedral – The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Sé or simply called Sé: 4. To say hello …


Curral das Freiras

We started our day at a bus stop in front of our hotel, trying to figure out where we could go using public transportation. One kind lady recommended bus number 81 to Curral das Freiras and it was a brilliant idea! The bus number 81 took us to the clouds …


Madeira’s fruits and flowers

One of our projects during this trip is to taste local fruit, especially Madeira’s large variety of passion fruit, maracujá. And now, my favourite pictures of Madeira’s flowers. We have to remember that when the first Portuguese settlers came here, the island was completely covered by forest. They called it Madeira, …


Funchal: Santa Clara Monastery, Quinta das Cruzes Museum and more

Hello from Funchal! Today, we will visit the historic heart of this city. First, let’s have a look at Funchal around three centuries ago: Here is the same area today from that same fort, called the Fortress of São João Baptista: The Portuguese Prince Henry “the Navigator” sent João Gonçalves Zarco …


Madeira: our levada walk

Hello from our levada walk! The name of our levada is Levada do Rei. Total distance to walk: 10.2 km, as you can see. It took us 4 hours to walk both ways, including short stops for explanations and 15 minutes for a picnic. Levadas are Madeira’s famous water channels. …


East Tour: Pico do Arieiro, Santana, São Lourenço and Machico

Today, we took a full day tour to see the eastern half of the island. It was awesome! Here are the highlights of our tour. Pico do Arieiro is Madeira’s third highest peak, 1818m. It is surrounded by Madeira’s highest peaks, and offers gorgeous views. Radek is standing above the …


Monte’s top attractions

Hello from Monte! Monte is a very pleasant neighbourhood in Funchal, the main city on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Today, I would like to present three main tourist attractions. All of them are located not more than 300 meters from the church of Nossa Senhora do Monte. And the …


Funchal: Monte

Hello my dear friends and blog leaders, this time Bom Dia from the beautiful island of Madeira! Together with Radek, we are going to explore Madeira for a week. It is an autonomous region of Portugal, well known for its mild climate, subtropical vegetation and a very rich history and culture. …

Dingle Way-53

Hiking in Ireland: The Dingle Way

This is a guest post written by my daughter, Barbara, who travelled with me to Ireland this past August. Our modern ways of travel allow us to move quickly and see a lot in a short amount of time. But after days spent on trains, buses and tours, it can be a …


Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018

Hello from Ottawa! This is Erika, my gorgeous almost eleven month old granddaughter. This summer, we explored Ottawa together and Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018 was the most impressive event we had a chance to see. This exhibition is a celebration of nature and culture. It is truly spectacular! I would like to …