Rain in Ponta Delgada!?!? This is how the day started. Fortunately, before noon all changed and we had sunshine for the rest of the day.

I would like to invite you to visit the part of the city where my good friend Alda grew up. We begin with the monument in her honour!?!? It is called Monumento ao Emigrante Açoriano in Portuguese and in English: Monument to the Azorean Emigrants. It honours all those who left the Azores to begin a new life in Canada, in the States and other parts of the world.


And here is a picturte of Alda (the one with glasses) in Toronto with a group of immigrants from different parts of the world.


Now the street in Ponta Delgada where she lived as a child:





Alda’s street is located near this old fort, built in the 16th century with the function of defending against the attacks of pirates and privateers, once frequent in this region of the Atlantic Ocean. Today it serves as a military base.


But the heart of Alda’s city is this square:


with the church of São José where she was baptized.


Every year, on the fifth Sunday after Easter, one of the most popular religious events begins on this square; it is called: Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres. It is Alda’s most favourite religious celebration in the Azores. Here is a picture from Google Images that shows this event:


The procession leaves the church also located in the same square – Nossa Senhora da Esperança (Our Lady of Hope)The streets are beautifully decorated with flowers:


If you would like to see more amazing pictures from this event check this website: One more reason to travel to the Azores!

Here is my picture of the church where the procession begins:


And now, I would like you to meet two people who live in Ponta Delgada and who know Alda: Leonor, Alda’s cousin and her husband Manuel:


We had a chance to spend an evening with two native inhabitants from São Miguel. It was fascinating to listen to them talk about their life, family and travels. Thank you Alda for encouraging me to contact Leonor and Manuel. Just like you had said, they are awesome people.



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  1. So happy you were able to connect with my cousins!!
    The feast of Senhor Santo Cristo is so incredible. It’s difficult to express into words.
    We have continued the tradition of attending every year in Toronto but what a life enhancing experience to be part of it in Ponta Delgada.
    All our love!

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