Hello my dear blog readers. Thank you for checking this blog regularly and posting some comments. It makes me very happy and motivated to continue this everyday homework. One more post about Furnas and we will visit another part of the island. If you ever plan a trip to São Miguel, spend at least three days in Furnas. It is a unique place in this world.


If you approach the town of Furnas from the north along the main road you will see a turning off to your right called Pico do Ferro. This is a wonderful viewpoint over the Furnas Valley from which you can see the town and Lagoa das Furnas.


Furnas is located in a huge caldera. The town is very quiet (at least in March) and much more busy on the weekend. According to Alda it is a popular vacation destination for local people. Some of them have their summer houses here.








And this is what we discovered at the end of our stay here: more hot springs on the other side of the town:




If you walk from the main square with the church, it will take you ten minutes to get there.



São Miguel Island: Parque Terra Nostra in Furnas


São Miguel Island: from Povoação to Nordeste


  1. My mom and I enjoyed the pictures … so beautiful.
    Because of the weather here being so cold and snowy, the Azores looks like paradise. xo Angie

    Thank you for the beautiful flower. Hopefully you will be able to get together with my cousin.
    Viva aos Acores! Love, Alda

  2. This is such a amazing town! It looks like it is right out of a story book. I love the you got pictures from afar and close up. The different angles helped to capture the architecture!

    1. Dzieki Kasienko, koniecznie musicie sie zatrzymac na kilka nocy, przynajmniej cztery, w Terra Nostra Garden Hotel w Furnas. Daja tam szlafroki, w mozesz w szlafroku przejsc do przepieknego parku, tuz obok aby poplywac w basenie z woda z goracych zrodel. Park jest cudowny. W tym miejscu, czlowiek czuje sie jak na wakacjach, jezeli nie jak w raju. Goraco polecam.

  3. Mysl o tych goracych zrodlach bedzie trzymala mnie na duchu podczas nadchodzacych dlugich, zimowych wieczorow w Toronto.

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