Hello from our beautiful British Columbia!

We are in Victoria, the capital city of the province. I would like to invite you to travel with me on the Vancouver Island for the next few days. Each post will begin with a quote of Emily Carr. I am reading her journals from 1930s and walking around the city of Victoria often thinking of her.

…enter into the life of the trees. Know your relationship and understand their language, unspoken, unwritten talk. Answer back to them with their own dumb magnificence, soul words, earth words, the God in you responding to the God in them.         – Emily Carr

Emily Carr’s statue is in the heart of the city, under a very impressive tree:

As unmarked graves continue to be detected at residential school sites, Canadians express their sorrow by placing orange shirts, children’s toys, shoes and books on the stairs of important buildings in many cities. Here is Victoria’s Legislative Assembly building:

Now let’s look at some of Emily Carr’s favourite trees in Victoria. She lived very close to Beacon Hill Park, on the other side of Douglas Street. It was her favourite park and she certainly saw these trees:

World’s tallest totem pole is also in the park:

Visiting Victoria after the very long lockdown in Ontario is a wonderful experience. I am very happy to share my pictures with you. Please continue traveling with me around the Vancouver Island!


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    1. Thank you Shelley, so good to get your comment. It is a nice feeling to be on the road again. And to put pictures on the blog. And to study our Canadian history and reality. Especially now, with all the sad news. I am very happy that you are with me! God bless you!

  1. Joanna, Hi. You’re travelling again and sharing your wonderful adventures. I travel vicariously through you.
    Thanks, Angela H.

    1. Angela, what a nice surprise!!!!!
      Thank you for traveling with me, one more reason to put more pictures on the blog. Be healthy and strong!

  2. Beautiful pictures even better good looking people. Thanks for sharing your trip. Looking at the pictures seems to be there myself. Continue to have a great time and to share more beautiful pictures.

  3. Asia i Radek, Odpoczywajcie. Slicznie tam jest. Tak zielono.
    Bardzo wzruszajce zdjecia schodow. Czekam na wiecej. Pozdrawiam.

    1. Dziekuje Bozenko. Jest zielono ale tez bardzo sucho. Wiecej zobaczymy jutro. Planujemy troche pochodzic po lokalnych lasach ale nie wiemy jaka jest sytuacja z susza i pozarami. Na pewno dam wiecej wiadomosci na ten temat.

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