1. To look for these big and beautiful ladies.

2. To see Back to School sales in……..January.

3. To visit The National Theatre, the pride and cultural symbol of the nation. Everything here was brought from Europe and made by European artists.

4. To visit San Jose’s very interesting museums, learn about the country’s history and see Costa Rican pre-Columbian art.

In my opinion, the most interesting is the Museo de Jade Marco Fidel Tristan (the Jade Museum). The architecture of the building is very interesting because it is supposed to look like a stone containing a vein of jade. It was designed by Diego Van der Laat.

5. To taste local fruits and vegetables:

Rose apples:

6. Listen to concerts offered by street musicians.

7, Buy souvenirs made by indigenous artists. Costa Rica has eight indigenous groups.

8. Buy coffee and local pastries in a bakery. San Jose has many of them. The most popular pastries are trenzas:

9. Stop in one of the many squares to observe local people:

I asked this sweet family if I can take a picture of them. They were celebrating their little girl’s fifth birthday.

10. Learn about important historic events while eating lunch in one of San Jose’s very popular restaurants: Café Histórico don Juanito

My meal is called Tortilla de Doña Inés. 

Walk around as much as you can, don’t be afraid. There is security everywhere. All day, there are police cars on every corner in the centre of the city.

The panel on the left has a safety button, if something is wrong, you can call police this way.

I hope you enjoyed visiting San Jose and Costa Rica with me. It’s easy to fall in love with this country. Thank you for traveling with me and thank you for all the comments. Pura vida!


Costa Rica: San Jose


British Columbia: Victoria


    1. Dziekuje Bozenko, szkoda wyjezdzac. Ale dla nas nie jest ona tak daleko, dla Europejczykow to jest daleko i duza zmiana czasu. Tak wiec zawsze mozna tam wrocic. Pura vida!

  1. Amazing blog Joanna! Love the top 10’format! Too bad you couldn’t bring home
    Those delicious looking foods!


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