Today, I would like to present the second half of the one-day tour I took on Sunday, organized by Expediciones Tropicales. The second part began after lunch in the Orosi Valley. Let’s look at Lago de Cachi one more time:

After the short visit in the Orosi Valley, I felt that one day I have to come back here. There is something here that I find very attractive, very authentic and very Costa Rican. Those orange trees add lots of charm to the visit. They are called el porรณ or mountain immortelle. They bloom from January to March. They are often planted in coffee and cocoa plantations.

It feels like October in Ontario. I think this tree and coffee plantations are the reason why I would like to come back here. Another attraction of the valley is Orosi and the oldest building in Costa Ricka – Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi.

It was Sunday afternoon, time for funerals in Catholic churches; masses in the morning, funerals in the afternoon. This charming little church was built in 1743 and it survived several earthquakes. Costa Rica does not have many buildings from the colonial time because they were destroyed by earthquakes. This one survived probably because it was built with the use of local people’s expertise and with local building materials.

These lovely people were selling products made with sugar from sugar cane. My favourites: sugar-coated peanuts!

And now BOTANICAL GARDENS!!!! The gardens are located just outside the city of Cartago and maintained by the University of Costa Rica as a tourist destination and research center. Charles Lankester, British botanist and orchid enthusiast, created the private garden for his own enjoyment. After his death, his family arranged for the University of Costa Rica to maintain the gardens and promote is as a research facility open to the public. Today, it is probably the most important botanical institution in the area.


This is the most unusual plant I found in the garden. Our guide called it “jade tree” because of the colour is its flowers.

Different kinds of heliconias:

Guru Sloth says:

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.


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  1. Beautiful.
    Guru Sloth ๐Ÿฆฅ is always sharing such positive thoughts.

  2. Breathtaking garden! My fav is the Jade plant! Thank you lord for your creation and for Joanna for sharing it with us

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