Hello from our very special El Faro hotel (I will explain later why it is so special). I am presenting here a typical Costa Rican breakfast. It has to include rice and beans, called gallo pinto, with scrambled eggs and a piece of a fried plantain. Now is time for our adventure in Quepos.

The town of Quepos is located 6 km from Manuel Antonio National Park. There is a vast wetland system that extends northwest of Quepos for around 20 km. Damas wharf offers boat or sea-kayaking trips to experience “mangrove safaris.” Five people from our group chose to do the kayak tour.

The main goal was to discover different plants and animals, learn about different types of forest in this region and the importance of mangroves for the ecosystem.

Our cute lunch companion:

also having lunch:

Four more pictures from my morning walk in Manuel Antonio National Park:

Notice two pelicans on the tree:

Now, I would like to present information explaining why our hotel, El Faro, is very special.

An unique creation

The unique creation of El Faro Beach Hotel, which opened its doors to the public on April 08th, 2014 was a huge step forward in the Eco-friendly approach to hotel construction.

Manuel Antonio’s El Faro Beach Hotel has become Costa Rica’s first and only exclusive hotel which is made entirely of reused shipping containers. These containers which were used in the construction began their journey in a faraway Port, destined for worldwide transportation on the 7 seas. Individually they found their way to the Costa Rican port of Limon, in the Caribbean Sea where they were ear marked for scrap after 15 years of service to the shipping industry. Seen as nothing more than a collection of unnecessary waste and garbage, with a little bit of vision and creation, these bent and buckled boxes were transformed into El Faro Beach Hotel.

Source: https://www.elfarobeachhotel.com/en/

Our group having dinner together, four minutes from the hotel:

Our good-bye dinner in San Jose:

I truly enjoyed traveling with these wonderful people for nine days in Costa Rica. We had the best guide, Ima, and the best group, group number 1! And I recommend traveling with Intrepid because of their respect for local people and for nature.

Guru Sloth says today:

Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too. – Beau Taplin

Please stay with me! Only the first part of my trip is over, the Intrepid Costa Rica Experience Tour. I am planning to see many more amazing places, so stay tuned!


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  1. Wow, how amazing. I’ve heard eco-tourism is very important to Costa Rica. What an experience.
    A sunset is a beautiful end to a day.
    Looking forward to your next blogs as you continue your travels in Costa Rica.

    love Alda and Angie

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