Hello my dear blog readers. Today was a different day, instead of spending time at the seashore, we went into the mountains, called Troodos Mountains:


Troodos Mountains. These mountains offer an expanse of flora, fauna and geology across a range of pine forests, waterfalls, rocky crags and babbling brooks. The massif and summit of Mt Olympus, at an altitude of 1952m, provide spectacular views of the southern coastline.


The first little town we visited is Omodos. It is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol, in the geographical region of the wine-making villages.


Normally, the village receives an annual average rainfall of about 760 millimetres; vines and various fruit-trees (apple, plum, pear, peach, and apricot trees) are cultivated in the region. The last decades have been different, the temperatures are hotter and the rainfall is more limited. The entire island of Cyprus suffers from drought.


First we visited a bakery Goerge’s Baker, to taste some of their local specialties:




IMG_1425I find one of their specialties very interesting. It is called: soujoukos:


Soujoukos is the most well known of all grape juice products. The product is made with almonds or walnuts, shelled and soaked to turn soft, and then sewn onto a cotton thread of around 2m length. The thread is dipped several times in thick grape juice. The process takes eight days. The thread is dipped one time a day for eight days. The final product looks like a saussage. Soujoukos is left to dry for 5-6 days. Then it is cut into slices and eaten as a natural sweet snack, especially in wintertime when people did not have access to fresh fruit.

On the picture we see that they come in different colours. Red soujoukos are made with the combination of grape and pomegranate juice. The black ones are made with a few drops of carob syrup.




Grape vines are used to create shade. You see them everywhere.







Cyprus: Lefkosia (Nicosia)


Cyprus: Omodos and Kakopetria

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