Hello everyone, we are in Rome, in Italy! Our flight was delayed but we got here safely. We were also able to follow our itinerary and visit what was planned for today – Ostia Antica.


Ostia Antica. Located 25km from Rome, this ancient Roman city was a busy working port until AD 42 and the ruins are substantial and extremely well preserved.


Founded in the 4th century BC, Ostia (named for the mouth or ostium of the Tiber) became a great port and later a strategic centre for defence and trade with a population of 50,000, of whom 17,000 were slaves mostly from Turkey, Egypt, and the Middle East.


In the 5th century AD barbarian invasions and the outbreak of malaria led to its abandonment followed by its slow burial in river silt, that’s why it survived. Pope Gregory IV reestablished the town in the 9th century.

Source: Discover Rome. Experience the best of Rome. Lonely Planet. Written and researched by Abigail Blasi and Duncan Garwood.










An ancient kitchen:IMG_2186


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Our day in Rome


  1. Hi Joanna!

    I am so excited that you are now in Rome. The Eternal City where I prayed at the Vatican for a special intention, and it has now come true! Your blog is lets everyone travel with you, so many many thanks! I miss our talks and can’t wait to catch up with you in person. How are you finding the weather in Rome? It looks absolutely breathtaking. Love you and enjoy your trip of a lifetime!

    Love Christina

    1. Thank you Christina. Your comment comes from your heart. I am glad your special intention has come true. The weather is nice but on Tuesday it will get hotter. Everything is amazing. I will call you through skype when I finish traveling with the group.

  2. I had never been to these ruins before – What a wonderful start to the last “leg” of our tour…. Thank you again Joanna!

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