Hello from Georgia! We are in Batumi, Georgia’s popular summer holiday destination.

I am traveling now to Georgia and Armenia with a Polish tour operator, Rainbow Tours, and a group of Polish people. We begin our two week tour of the two countries in Batumi.

Batumi is becoming more and more popular; as you can see new resorts and hotels appear near the Black Sea shore. It has a very large stony beach.

It has many beautiful parks with subtropical vegetation.

Excellent choice of restaurants.

With our new friends, we had a chance to try some Georgian dishes. Mushrooms with local cheese was one of them. 

The old part of Batumi still has its charm due to the belle epoque elegance from the early 20th century. Let’s see some of the buildings from that era in Europe Square.

Medea Monument is in the middle of the Europe Square. It has a symbolic meaning, showing the world that Georgia is part of Europe. In 2007, Batumi’s mayor unveiled this monument saying that its sculptor – David Khmaladze – is the person “who brought Georgia closer to Europe.” Medea is part of the Greek myth of the Golden Fleece. The story of Jason and Medea symbolically links Georgia with ancient Greece.

Batumi is the capital of the autonomous region of Ajaria. Here you can see the flag Georgia (the one with four small crosses) and the flag of Ajaria with blue stripes.

Alphabet Tower:

Ali and Nino monument, the lover-protagonists of Kurban Said’s novel of the same name.

Ortajame Mosque:

Many remnants of the Soviet communist era:





Sataplia Nature Reserve, Gelati and Bagrati


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