We are back in Georgia, visiting two amazing sites. First Vardzia – famous cave-city. Historically connected to Queen Tamar, Georgia’s beloved queen, this unusual city is very important for many Georgians. Queen Tamar turned the cave-city into a monastery housing up to 2,000 monks until it was ruined by an earthquake in 1283. Let’s visit this unusual city:

The central part of the complex is the Church of the Assumption with a famous fresco of Queen Tamar:

Five monks still live here. They ring the church bell every morning at 7am.

Borjomi – a small resort town with a health-giving mineral spring discovered in 1810 by Russian soldiers. Located in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, it is now a very popular tourist destination, also for those who enjoy hiking. There are many mountain trails that begin here.

Some of my new friends from our group (all Polish people) in front of the Monument to Prometheus:

I will miss Georgia! I will miss Georgian people and their many ideas of how to make bread:

This particular bread is called nazuki. It is sweet with some spices.

I will miss Georgia’s historic buildings such as this fortress:

I will miss Georgia’s beautiful mountains and scenery:

I will miss Georgia’s culture and art, like this beautiful Kolkheti Fountain in Kutaisi:

I will miss Georgia’s Churchelas:

and Adjarian khachapuri:

Of course, I will miss our group and our amazing guide Leszek. We spent 14 days traveling together:

Thank you everyone for traveling to Georgia and Armenia with me!


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  1. These are remarkable pictures! The cave monastery reminds me of Turkey. Thank you Joanna for sharing your journeys with us.

  2. A teraz czakam na nowe blogi. Dzieki Asia za fajne releacje. No i musze Ci powiedziec, ze w koncu Rafalowi udalo sie zapisac i tez czyta o Twoich podrozach.

    1. Bardzo mnie to cieszy Bozenko, serdecznie pozdrawiam Rafala i ciesze sie ze czyta o moich podrozach. Zawsze bardzo mnie to motywuje aby kontynuowac ten blog. Dziekuje za to bardzo i dziekuje za Twoje komentarze rowniez.

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