Hello from the Caucasus Mountains! We are now standing in front of the Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument, quite interesting….. but it offers amazing views:

Our dream was to see the top of the highest mountain in Georgia – Mt Kazbek, 5047m and it was possible!!!!

Gergeti Trinity Church (Tsminda Sameba) is the name of 14th century Holy Trinity Church located at an altitude of 2170 meters. The church is beautifully situated in front of high mountains. The view from the parking lot of the church with the mountains in the background is one of the most popular in Georgia and it can be found in many guidebooks. Here it is:

The church is a popular destination for hikers. It can be reached in 3 hours from the central square in the village of Stephantsminda or by jeep in 20 minutes. All jeeps stop here first for the view and then they take tourists to the church itself.

We chose to go down to Stephantsminda on our own. It took us 40 minutes. This defense tower was on our way.


Georgian kharcho soup:

Another defense tower in the village called Sno, a very small and charming place:

Finally, our Georgian Pamukkale (for those who know Turkey’s Pamukkale):






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