Hello from eastern Poland! I am in Włodawa, close to the borders with Belarus and Ukraine. This lovely town is a big surprise for me. It is here that Poland celebrates its three cultures: Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish. Let us begin with the Baroque Catholic church near the Pauline monastery.

Here is the Byzantine-Ruthenian Orthodox Church in Włodawa:

Finally, one of the most beautiful synagogue complexes in Poland with a large Baroque synagogue:

The Great Synagogue. The central section of the eastern wall houses the Aron ha-Kodesh, the Holy Ark, where the Torah scrolls are kept:

The Small Synagogue. Ancient polychrome, Hebrew inscriptions cover the walls with prayers and quotations from the psalms, embellished with plant and animal motifs and depictions of musical instruments.

Festival of Three Cultures is one of the most important cultural events not only in the Lublin region but also in Poland. It takes place in September, it is on an international scale, with great cultural value and excellent artistic standards. I hope, one day, to visit Włodawa in September during the festival.

Włodawa is located near one of our national parks – Poleski Park Narodowy. Here are some pictures from our walks in the park:

Thank you for visiting this fascinating part of Poland with me!


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