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Thank you for all your comments, it is wonderful to open the dashboard and to see four or five comments from you. Thank you Basia, Mary Catherine, Karen, Christina, Rosalie, Danusia and everybody else. It is fun to communicate with you this way. Basienko, nobody in Spain watches Velvet, they don’t know Alberto!!! It seems to me that I know Spanish TV series better than the inhabitants of this country.


Here I am with Melanie. We took a guided bus tour to Avila and Segovia. After calculating all costs, we figured out that this was the best and most comfortable way to travel to these two beautiful towns. By the way, that red car behind us is not ours.


Founded in the 11th century to protect the Spanish territories from the Moors,  Ávila is called the ‘City of Saints and Stones’.


Ávila’s old city, surrounded by imposing city walls comprising eight monumental gates, 88 watchtowers and more than 2500 turrets, is one of the best preserved medieval bastions in Spain. Here is one of the gates: Puerta San Vincente.

And inside the walls… a market. We were lucky because Ávila’s weekly market day is on Fridays.


Here is what you can buy:


And now a special treat from Ávila: yemas. These pastries, made by local nuns, are more or less soft-boiled egg yolks that have been cooled and sugared (yema means yolk). They are sold all over town.


The Royal Madrid


Ávila, the City of Saints


  1. Joasiu, you are following our steps in Spain, except Giblartar.
    Did you take a tour to Avila and Segovia with Julia Travel agency ?


    1. Hello Danusiu, not with Julia but with VPT, Viajes Para Todos. It was very well organized. Today we are taking another one to El Escorial and Valley of Fallen. We did not try tapas in Mercado because we were there early. Maybe tomorrow, on Sunday, we will go there again. Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  2. Hi – do you remember me? I’m Simone’s friend who was following your travels these past few weeks. First of all let me say that your postings are fabulous and I’ve really enjoyed them. Thanks for letting me tag along. Second..I’m wondering if you would mind if I continued to ”travel” with you. I’m just enjoying it so much I hate to leave it.

    1. Thank you Jan for your nice comment. Of course please continue following this blog, there are many fascinating places I am planning to visit. It will be great to share it with you.

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