Marrakech: Djemaa El Fna + tajine pot


The Atlas Mountains


  1. It’s all so cool and interesting. Mama can I make a request? Can you bring me a little bit of curry spice back if you go to a market again? That would be so nice to try!

  2. H Joanna,
    the club in Marrakesh looks very familiar!!! Did you say hello to Thelma for me. I am so glad you are having a wonderful time and learning so much also. Father Dominic gave an outstanding homily on the new encyclical today. We will be picking up on that when you get home.
    Love from all of us.

    1. Thank you Pam for your nice message. Yes I did say hello to Thelma. Her picture will be posted soon. I am having problems with uploading pictures here in the Sahara area. It should work better in Fes.

  3. Asiu… a super thing! Great trip and really nice photos. I’m sure unforgettable experience. The world is so beatiful. Marek is in Spain till Dec and both, him and Janek are planning to meet in Morocco for vacation, I forwarded your blog to them…

    All the best. Happy for you.

    1. Thank you Staszku. I am glad they are traveling in this part of the world. It will be more pleasant in winter time. All the best for the family.

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